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This area contains short articles and guidelines for developers intending to modify the OMA Program. These are intended to assist people in understanding the inner workings of OMA to ensure that changes do not adversely affect the stability and functionality of the OMA program.
Articles are in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

Adding custom commands into OMA and having them available from the command window.
Allocating memory buffers for custom commands
Overview of the standard image buffers available within OMA
Includes descriptions of the image bufffer, Accumulator, background and response buffers.

Specifications of the standard OMA image format

Bug Reporting
Feedback on the OMA program, and bug reporting in particular is required for driving the direction fo future developments and version control. Please report bugs to this email address - oma.developers@gmail.com.   Please try to be as descriptive as possible.

Future Developments
This section outlines various areas where we are working to improve OMA's functionality. It is essentially a list of things we are working on, as well as a list of things we would like to get to and would be very happy to receive assistance of other programmers.

  1. 3-Dimensional Vector field manipulation, and extending the processing functionality to include Stereo-PIV.
  2. Adaptive DPIV algorithm for resolution enchancement.
  3. Support for more general Graphics File Formats, including automatically converting RGB and CMYK images to 16 bit greyscale. 
  4. Support for more cameras and hardware for Mac OS X (Requires drivers for OS X to become available.)
  5. Porting the program to other platforms (including improving the UNIX versions and porting to Windows.)
  6. ...

Supported Cameras and Hardware
Cameras and Hardware currently supported in the current version for Mac OS X. Some cameras had been supported in the Mac Classic OS version of OMA and are waiting for updated drivers. Please conttact us if you have managed to implement a new camera, since we would be delighted to share it with other OMA Users.

  1. Cooke Sensicam
  2. Photometrics Star-1
  3. Princeton Instruments GPIB-interfaced cameras
  4. Work is underway to implement Roper's new PVCAM drivers (send and email for more info)  


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